Canine Eye Certification Exams

Dr. Larocca provides ophthalmic screening exams for inherited eye diseases for the (OFA) Orthopedic Foundation of America. Only Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists can perform these exams. For more information on Certification Exam see the Certification Exam website in the LINKS. A Certification Exam is recommended yearly for potential breeding dogs to evaluate for inherited eye diseases. Dogs which are determined to be normal on the exam will be eligible for obtaining a registration number from a Certification Exam which is valid for 1 year.


If you are presenting a dog for evaluation at a Certification Exam please bring along the following information: The dogs registered name, permanent identification (tattoo or chip #), AKC number, and birth date.

How To Set Up An Eye Certification Clinic

This page is designed to provide information regarding upcoming Certification Exam clinics. Dr. Larocca will schedule Certification Exam clinics outside of AESC at various sites: (dog shows, breed club meetings, etc). If you are interested in setting up a Certification Exam CLINIC for your organization please contact Animal Eye Specialty Center at 763-767-3937. If you wish to schedule an appointment at an upcoming Certification Exam clinic please contact the designated contact for that clinic.

Upcoming Eye Certification Clinic

Cambridge Dog Show

TBA June 2020

Duluth Dog Show

TBA July 2020